This page contains several useful links to reference material or tools you might find useful. These will all open on a separate tab as they as external sites.

Helpful Reference Material

This page contains links to essential references and resources that all mariners should be familiar with as well as links to other useful information such as the annual accident reports put out by the United States Coast Guard and Florida Fish and Wildlife. There are also links to other potentially useful resources that will continue to grow.

NOAA Chart of Tampa Bay. You can also find all NOAA charts on the NOAA Chart Locator website

Egmont Key Lighthouse for light list reference material

The Light List contains a comprehensive list of lights, sound signals, buoys, day beacons, and other aids to navigation. An invaluable reference to help find your way.

NOAA Coast Pilot

The Coast Pilot include channel descriptions, anchorages, bridge, and cable clearances, currents, tide and water levels, prominent features, pilotage, towage, weather, ice conditions, wharf descriptions, dangers, routes, traffic separation schemes, small-craft facilities

Boat operator training videos reference material

Americas Boating Channel has a large collection of videos to help you learn the skills you need to be a better and safer boater.

Link to local notice to mariners
Local Notice to Mariners is updated weekly.
MuVIT Boating Simulator

The Multi Vessel Interactive Trainer or MuVIT implemented by the Tampa Power Squadron is a simulator intended to be a cost-effective aid that squadrons can build themselves to aid in demonstrating basic boating skills.

Sample chart for OpenCPN

OpenCPN open source chart plotter software works with free ENC NOAA charts and is the tool used in many of the advanced United States Power Squadrons classes.

Navigation rules for paddlecraft

Navigation Rules for Paddlecraft was written by an associate member of the Tampa Power Squadron and is widely used to train paddlers.

Florida Boating accident statistics
Florida Fish and Wildlife boating accident statistics for 2020
2020 Recreational boating statistics
United States Coast Guard recreational boating statistics for 2020