General Membership Meetings

These meetings are held every other month on the last Saturday beginning about 16:00 (4 PM). At these we discuss upcoming activities which could affect the membership. We also make plans and solicit input from the members regarding any squadron business. Any member is free to speak and all thoughts are considered. We advise to check the calendar to confirm the dates as sometime holidays, district or national meeting make us modify the schedule. The public is welcome to attend.

Executive Committee Meetings

The Executive committee is held prior to the general membership meeting. These are where the squadron officers discuss plans for upcoming activities be they new or part of normal operations. Such activities can consist of the annual kite fly, any picnics, group outings, etc. All members are invited to attend, anyone may speak and all input is considered.

Social Meetings

The social meeting is held on the alternate months to the general membership meeting. They are held on the same schedule as the membership and excomm meetings. Generally these take place in one of the many local restaurants. These are just for everyone to get together, and socialize. They are not business meetings and no squadron business is conducted. These are intended as purely social events.

All members and prospective members are invited to attend and learn more about the Tampa Power Squadron, our activities as well as the district and national components of the United States Power Squadrons.

The Membership and ExCom meetings are currently held at the Village Inn located at 7011 W. Hillsborough Ave. Tampa, FL 33634

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