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A Vessel Safety Check (VSC) is a courtesy examination of your boat and safety equipment to verify the presence and condition of safety equipment required by both federal and state authorities. These examinations are NOT a boarding or law enforcement issue. No citations are given as a result of this examination. A vessel examiner is a specially trained member of the United States Power Squadrons. The examiner may also make recommendations and discuss safety issues to assist in making you a safer boater.

Why do I need a safety check?

All recreational vessels are required to carry certain safety equipment. The equipment can vary with your vessel size and propulsion type. The examiner is trained in these variables and can perform the same safety check which would occur if there is a law enforcement boarding. Using the information from the safety check you can identify and correct any deficiencies prior to a possible law enforcement boarding wile assuring that you have all required safety equipment aboard if needed. Vessels that pass inspection will be issued a VSC decal. This does not exempt you from a law enforcement boarding, however you will be prepared if it does happen.

What if I don’t pass the safety check?

If your vessel does not pass the safety check, you will be given a copy of the examination form with any discrepancies noted which need to be corrected. This is not a citation but rather intended as an education activity so any issues can be corrected to bring your vessel into compliance and make your boating activities safer.

What are some of the items that are checked?

    Navigations and anchor lights     Life jackets,     Fire extinguishers     Display of registration numbers     Marine pollution placards     Marine sanitation device     Sound signal device     Ventilation system     Backfire flame arrestor     Visual distress signals     Overall vessel condition Request a free Vessel Safety Check

Vessel Safety Check