Tampa Power Squadron Bridge


Tom Thompson


Aide to Commander - Alta M. Mullins
Merit Mark - Alta M. Mullins
Medical Officer or Advisor - Maria Holcomb
Parliamentarian - Alta M. Mullins
Executive Officer

P/C Anna Morris, JN


Contact for District events

Boat Show - Anna Morris and Scott Morris
Cooperative Charting - Richard Holcomb
Liaison - George Martin
Public Relations - Scott Morris
Radio Technical - Tom Thompson
Safety Vessel Safety Check - John Orr
  Admin Officer



Contact for Squadron events

Educational Officer

Lt/C Scott Morris, P


Contact for Public and Member Education

Advanced Grades:
Seamanship -
Piloting - Anna Morris
Advanced Piloting - Anna Morris
Junior Navigation - Richard Holcomb
Navigation - Richard Holcomb
Elective Courses:
Engine Maintenance - John Orr
Marine Electronics - Scott Morris
Cruise Planning - Anna Morris
EMSCom - Electro-Mechanical Systems - John Orr
Seminar Courses - Scott Morris
USPS Guides -
Ch/Advanced Grade Div - George Martin
Ch/Elective Courses Div - Scott Morris

P/D/C Alta Mullins, SN


Information Technology - Scott Morris
Publications - Anna Morris
Historian - Alta Mullins
Roster - Anna Morris
District Publication Correspondent - Anna Morris
Website - Scott Morris
The ENSIGN Correspondent - Anna Morris
Photographer - Angelina Stanley
Ships Store - Tom Thompson
Public Contact - Scott Morris

Linda Thompson, S


Property - Tom Thompson
Supply - Tom Thompson
  Member At Large

Richard Holcomb

George Martin


P/C John Orr III, S